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Add Maintenance Services for Limo Hire Companies to Your Auto Shop

Limo hire companies need their vehicles to stay in top condition and that means that they might often partner with a specific auto shop that services their vehicles exclusively. This kind of partnership is beneficial to both sides and, while your auto shop may already service limos from time to time, building a relationship with a specific company guarantees regular business that brings in continuous revenue.

Limousine Hire Service

Acquaint Your Shop With Limo Maintenance

While limo maintenance and repair may not be the main service offered by your auto shop, partnering with a specific company means that you must be an authority on the subject in order to earn the relationship. You have to be better than the other shops that offer limo maintenance and repair.

  • Acquaint yourself with the parts, cars, and services you and your employees will need to maintain and repair.
  • If there are a lot of mechanics available at your shop, gather the most experienced as an “exclusive team” to work with the limo hire company. The company will appreciate knowing their cars are in the hands of the best you have to offer.
  • Be sure to research the limo hire companies in your area so that you know what kinds of cars you may have to service. Some companies have antique or other unique cars for weddings and other special events.  Is your shop equipped to service these cars?
  • Talk to your parts suppliers. Find out if they offer the parts you’ll need for repair and maintenance of the cars you’ll be servicing and if they’ll be able to rush orders in emergency circumstances.

When you partner with a limo hire company, you’ll have to be impeccable. These people are servicing clientele that expect the best and even if you’re used to servicing high-end cars, limos are a different kind of category so do the research.

Reach Out to Limousine Companies

Once you’ve gathered the necessary education for ensuring your shop can handle limos and other specialty cars, it’s time to reach out to companies that offer limo hire service and start building relationships to create the impression that your shop is the go to place for limo repair and maintenance. Don’t treat it as a sale but instead treat this marketing campaign like making a new friend. You’re trying to establish trust between your shop and the limo company and that’s different than the average marketing campaign because you’re targeting a specific small group and not casting a wide net into a large audience.

Live Up to What You Promise

Limousine From limo hire perth wa

Building a relationship with a company that specialises in limo hire service is one thing but maintaining that relationship requires living up to what you promise. When you work exclusively for one (or a few if your shop can handle it) company, you are offering services that may be superior to what you offer your other customers. This doesn’t mean that you just ignore the clients that have been loyal to you. It does mean that you have to continue to educate yourself and your employees about what the speciality cars you service may need. Building and keeping a relationship with another business is a marathon, not a sprint. Take your time and work to maintain the relationship and you’ll always have a growing business.

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