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Luxury Stretch Limousine Winery Tour With Mr Hummer Limo Hire Melbourne

When my friends suggested a winery tour in Yarra Valley, I have to admit that a sense of dread set in on me because I knew they expected me to plan the trip like I always do. I did a lot of research and the website for Mr Hummer hire seemed to have everything we were looking for in a limousine service.

Being the sceptic that I am, I had to find out more so I made a call. I asked about the places they go to and the flexibility of how long we can stay and the people on the other end were very helpful and patient with all of my questions, and I had a lot of them. They were gracious and their trip itinerary was well planned and seemed relaxing. I booked the trip for my group and decided to see for myself if it’s as great as they say it would be.

Our Stretch Hummer Provided For Limo Hire Melbourne Fun!

Our Luxury Stretch Hummer Limousine

On the day of the trip, a luxury stretch Hummer limo picked up my group and we were greeted with a glass of champagne to begin our ride to start off our Yarra Valley tour. The inside of the limo was comfortable and roomy. I really can’t do the limousine justice but you can check out the vehicles as well as all the Melbourne limo services on offer by Mr Hummer limo Hire including a variety of luxury packages and limo hire Melbourne Services.

We all had a good time on the drive, like being in a mini living room not having to worry about the traffic or reaching our destination on time. We were getting into the swing of things and starting to have fun just when we pulled up at Domaine Chandon Winery. I wasn’t really sure about the idea of a sit down wine tasting after being in the car for an hour but the views were far more exciting than the tinted windows of the road. It was nice not to think about anything like getting to the next winery or making sure we didn’t drink too much so we could drive. The idea of a safe journey no matter how much fun we had made it a lot easier to loosen up and enjoy ourselves.

The website itinerary promised a gourmet lunch at the Rochford Winery. We’d never been there before so I was a little nervous about how the fare would be but it wasn’t long before I was pleasantly surprised. I’ll say one thing, this tour provided a lot of food along with the wine, which seems like a good idea but it was almost too much food. We couldn’t help ourselves sampling everything because it just looked so good! We were all glad when the Chandon Wine tasting at the next stop appeared to be all about wine and not food. It was a good piece of planning on the part of Mr Hummer Limo Hire’s services.

Chocolaterie and Ice Creamery Goodness

You think about wine and your next thought is usually cheese or fruit to go along with it but this Yarra Valley wine tour took us to the Yarra Valley Chocolaterie and Ice Creamery for, if you can believe it, chocolate tasting. It was the perfect pairing I never thought of and an excellent dessert choice that went along with the tour. Just when we thought we might get a little bored of the views and the wine, they switched it up with none other than chocolate and ice cream. When we left to get on our way home, we weren’t tired or way too drunk and the music and lights that came with the hummer made the long trip home seem to go by pretty fast. We were in a party mood and dancing the whole ride.

There was a lot of sitting around, drinking, and eating but I didn’t expect much else from a wine tour. What I also didn’t expect is the level of professionalism and the well thought out stops that were placed in a way that we didn’t ever feel like we were in one place for too long or that we were constantly eating, even though there was a lot of food. My friends loved that part and I will say that the fare was delicious and gourmet as promised.

Excellent Yarra Valley Winery Tour Experience

Yarra Valley Winery Tour with Mr Hummer Limo Hire

All in all, this was one of the best-planned Yarra Valley wine tours I’ve ever been on, and we’ve tried a few others since then and before. We barely had to lift a finger to get a well-managed itinerary. It was a little pricey for just five people but we definitely got what we paid for so if you choose this tour, I’d suggest bringing along a few extra friends. The limo was certainly large enough to accommodate more people, although the suggested largest group of 18 might be a tight fit if they’re all large and healthy adults. If you’re looking for beautiful views, gourmet food that’s out of this world, and lots of wine tasting then this is the tour for you.

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